Sweet (ish) Sixteen

In order for my wife to feel eeeever so old today, she had the rather dubious award of being the mother to a sixteen year old! Today, Dominic reaches that milestone where nothing very much changes, except "Congratulations, you didn't piss off anyone enough to be killed. Yet"

As we lay here, Kellie and I in bed, Dom is lounging across the bottom of the bed and like all cool, chilled, hip youngsters, he's wearing his mum's Cow-print Onesie.

Yes, he has his stepdads dress sense.

Now, I've only know Dom since the summer of 2008, when he had not long reached that other milestone of "Made it to ten without being killed" but even that seems like a million years ago.

He was at junior school, played Sunday football, wouldn't play out far from home, ate whatever he had dished up, and was useless at doing his chores.

Now at sixteen, he's at senior school, goes to the gym, doesn't often wander far from home, picks out vegetables from his dinner, and is even more useless at doing his chores.

If anything, he's backsliding in his old age!

I feel quite lucky to have seen him - and to help him - grow up into a slightly scatty young man with a brilliant sense of humour and several hobbies and interests on par with my own. Six years may not seem like long to know someone, but I've seen him grow, spent countless hours talking about interesting things, not so interesting things, complete and utter shit, and at the bottom of the scale, his social life.

But, he's growing up into a brilliant adult.

So happy birthday Dom :-D I hope you have a great day, and carry on enjoying everything that you choose to do in the future!

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