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The last few days have been pretty crappy, and for the most part, I've been keeping to myself, sulking in my corner, virtually trying to wish the pain away.

Of course, it didn't work.

When I'm in my own little world, I come up with all these different blog post ideas. However, where I don't want to do anything except hack off the offending body parts, blog post ideas either disappear into that great grey expanse that is my forgetful mind, or, on reflection, I decide that if I post about this subject or if I go on about that issue then I am likely to just piss people off.

I kid yea not.

So instead, I opted to answer a question that has strangely popped up three times over the weekend. Usually in the form of "Blimey, how many messaging apps do you use?!" or something similar.

The trouble is, I like to chat to people, especially when tired, insomnic (not a word, but you get the idea), bored or just generally natter away. But yes, I still hate actually talking on the phone. And because I talk to different people, different people use different apps. Or one of the kids say "Oh this is good app to use!" or I get invited into a beta and kind of just stay with it...

In order to put the subject at rest, I figured I would just list them all out here for all to see. If you use one (or more!) of these apps, then feel free to add, invite, share - whatever. I have them installed on my mobile and my tablet, so usually reply pretty much where ever I am at the time.

Especially when I am bored.

So, here is the list - and because I am EXTRA nice and helpful (stop laughing) I've added a link for these apps for you to download - obviously, if you're on an Android device, use Google Play. If you're on an Eye-something, then App Store is for you. If you're not sure, then I've added the apps direct website. Because I am so extra nice and helpful.

Facebook Messenger
I have the Messenger app installed, and it would appear you don't even need to be on my friends list in order to message me, so that's nifty. You just need to know me through Facebook - which can be found by clicking This Link.
(Google Play / App Store / Webpage)

I've used WhatsApp for aaaages - it's a proper nifty app for messaging, and I would argue that it's the best chatty-talky-messenger-type-app. Download, install, and it sees which of your contacts uses it and adds them - which means you will need my mobile number stored in your phone. Just ask and I will share it - alternatively, it's on my Facebook About Me page.
(Google Play / App Store / Webpage)

I have no idea why I have a Google+ page, I never think of it, and check in on it only very occasionally, but it's there ready for when Facebook goes all... MySpace-esque. OK, I know, wishful thinking.. I've never used Hangouts, but still, it's there, linked to my Google+, Mobile Number and Email Address; Play / App Store / Webpage)

Another app I only use very rarely, but I DO have it and it's on... I only ever used it to speak to one person, but never got around to uninstalling it. Still, I have it - if you want to add me, my BBM Pin is 7B75E2FE
(Google Play / App Store / Webpage)

Now, I used to use MSN a LOT... My contacts list was silly sometimes, and I would have multiple windows open with multiple contacts. From what I gather, Microsoft bought Skype, and merged Messenger with it. So now I have Skype. I think. So, if you want to add me, my Skype name is and my MSN account
(Google Play / App Store / Webpage)

Another one I use very rarely - mainly to see what my very small friend list shares when they are equally bored. I think there's a chat function on there now too, but regardless, I have it and load it when I remember to check! My username on there is essexdan101
(Google Play / App Store / Webpage)

OK, technically NOT chat software, but it does have the chat function - plus I USE this one when bored and taking pictures. Feel free to add me on there, which is the username 0dd1 (zero-Dee-Dee-one)
(Google Play / App Store / Webpage)

I use Twitter on and off, but mainly off as I don't know that many people that I chat to. I lose the plot, lose track and forget to reply. But again, it is a chat-type-app, even if you are limited to 140 characters, so on there my username is - like Instagram - 0dd1 (zero-Dee-Dee-one)
(Google Play / App Store / Webpage)

Now, I am fully aware that there are many other chat programs out there - Viber, Yahoo, WeChat and so on - but these ones listed are the ones I have installed, and use. If half a dozen of you turn around and say "We're on this app" then maybe I will give it a whirl.

So there you have it - a complete list of ways to get my attention and alleviate my boredom. Or yours. And remember - if I don't reply, I am probably asleep!

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