'Aving A Baby!

If you're on my Facebook, you would have already seen the announcement, but for anyone that hasn't seen it, or wanted to know a little more, yes it's true, Kellie and I are expecting our first baby together!

If we're honest, we've known for a few weeks - since she was only three weeks in fact - but have kept it quiet, waiting for that magic "Twelve Weeks" to roll around before announcing it to everyone. We were about to keep it between us for a couple of weeks before we had to tell nosey children and mothers, but other than that, it's been all very hush-hush.

Which is quite impressive, as someone has been sick as a dog.

Yes, after many years of going on about how wonderful pregnancy is, how amazing it is, what an incredible feeling it is, Kellie is eating those words. Well, I say eating... Hurling those words would be more accurate.

Clearly, she never anticipated how awkward things would be carrying Dan-Spawn. Everything has been making her sick, from the smell of the oven, the kitchen, the bathroom (the NEW bathroom I might add!), to the smell of... water... And it's not just morning sickness. Afternoon sickness. Evening sickness. Night time sickness. Sometimes she throws up, sometimes it's just bile, sometimes, she just sits in front for the toilet retching for a while.

Of course, the downside to finding out so early, is that seems to be taking forever. Today we had our twelve week scan, but it's taken forever to get here. Everything seems to be normal, the sizes are right, and in true Dan-Spawn fashion, the Tadpole is a naughty little thing. S/he would not sit still for the measurements, and was wiggling around on the screen... Arms and legs flailing around...

Like I said, naughty. CLEARLY takes after mummy.

I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little worried or nervous, but the special midwife we saw today put my mind at ease, and has sorted us a referral to Guys & St Thomas' Hospital, London, to see the Fetal Cardiologists at the Evelina Children's Hospital. That scan won't be untill late January, early February though, and then we have the 20/21 week anatomy scan at Basildon.

All in all, we're all very happy, our kidsarre happy, and our parents are happy, and we're all looking forward to late-June when the Tadpole puts in an appearance.

Besides, what's one more kid where there are already four of them knocking around!!

Here are the three pictures we had taken today during the scan. For a change, they are all pretty clear too!

NO idea why this one is upside down... Grr...

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