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Yes, I know, 0ddness has been very quiet (still) for a considerable time (still) and I'm a bad blogger (still). No excuses, no reasons for it, just... Quiet.

I have noticed a trend on Facebook when ever I've made a comment about Kellie being due in X-many weeks... People pop up and say pretty much the same thing: Ooh hasn't it gone quick!

And to these people, I have this to say: NO. No it has not.

You see, despite announcing to the world we're having a baby when Kellie was twelve weeks or so, we found waaay before then. Like, three, maybe four weeks. On top of that, we've been attending some sort of clinic or appointment on an almost weekly basis since then. Extra appointments due to Kellie having all her random medical shenanigans. Extra appointments here and there and all over the place. Scans and midwives and consultants and specialists...

It feels like we've hardly had a chance to enjoy just "being pregnant" and now we're approaching her due date (24th June) she is big enough to be uncomfortable all the time, and not sleeping, and having a head in the bladder, or a foot in the spleen, or random baby part jammed into random Kellie part.

We are going to mention early induction at the next meeting with her consultant, so hopefully can get the wee Tadpole born a bit earlier. Even a week or two.. Even though she'll be 34 weeks on Tuesday, it still feels like there is an eternity till D-Day.

So no, it is NOT going quickly at all. It's taking forever and ever.

Kellie is, in the common vernacular, a bloated beach-ball at this point. She's got the waddle down pat. She does the strange contortion of bending to pick stuff up with her legs apart, bending in various places. She's sharing her bed not with me, but with a seven foot long body pillow... No strange desires for food I'm sad to report, I WAS hoping for at least one tale of cat meat, pickle and banana sandwich to revile you with, but no. "Food" maybe, but not specific cravings.

Not having found out the sex of Tadpole seems to be throwing people into a dazed confusion too... Buying stuff has been interesting, but manageable - we've gotten various clothes and sleepy suits and what not sorted in "neutral" colours, plus we've started getting some of the necessities put away for when s/he puts in an appearance; nappies and wipes mainly.

I just want baby to arrive soon. It has gone on for far too long now, and people keep saying it's gone quick, and not long now and all sorts, but I am past impatient now. It really does feel like it's gone on forever.

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One Response to “All Things Baby”

Posh Totty said...

Blimey! That's gone quick! Not long now ;-)