Two Days Left...

So, unless you live under a rock (which would be a strange place to live) you will know that there is just two days to go until Kellie is induced, and Baby Tadpole becomes, well... Whoever s/he is going to blossom into.

And I am so completely and utterly done with the waiting. It has been a very very long nine months, and I just want to have my little sproglet in my arms. I know good things come to those who wait. I know a watched pot doesn't boil (which I have actually tested, is a blatant lie). Too many cooks, a bird in the hand, thirty days hath September... I've heard it all.

But I don't care.

And thinking about it, this birth has been completely different to all my others. Jaysen was 14 days late, then there was short notice on being induced, 30+ hours of labour, which ended in an emergency c-section just to get him out. Bethany was clearly a whole different kettle of fish, and she was a planned c-section with all her medical stuff to deal with too. Tamsyn was also a planned c-section, but with everything that had gone on in the two months before her being born, that was a whole different level of stuff going on.

With Tadpole, it should all be a normal, regular labour and birth. The only reason Kellie is being induced at 38 weeks is twofold: Firstly, with her being diabetic, they don't want baby to be the size of a small whale. Secondly, they're playing it safe with her cardiac goings-on. Usually when they induce, they do it on the antenatal ward, then when you start that proper labour-thing, they move you to the labour ward.

Not Kellie... They're putting her straight into Labour Ward, and inducing her there. Hourly blood-sugar tests. Constant checking. One-on-One nursing.

So that'll be fun.

Everything is pretty much ready and good to go too. Going to re-do her hospital bag later, double check it's all sorted and she has everything she needs. We grabbed a couple more bits today, but everything is as ready as it's going to be. Today we'll make sure everything is done, and then tomorrow, we can just take it easy and not worry about anything or having to run around for stuff.

I say "I'm not nervous" and I'm honestly not. I am not worried about holding babies, doing parent stuff. What I am nervous/worried about is the labour and birth. With the other three being born by section, I've never experienced a full-blown, fidgety, moving around, changing positions, squeezing a human out the hoo-haa thing. It's one of the reasons we've been watching One Born Every Minute on catchup. I'm not sure how I am going to react to Kellie being in pain, and I'm not sure how I am going to react to not having any level of control or power. All I can do is wait for nature (and labour-inducing medication) to do it's thing and go with it.

Anyways, with less than two days to go, I am really getting fed up with waiting, and so incredibly looking forward to my baby Tadpole being born. I can't wait to give him or her a big cuddle, to decide which name fits best, to dress him or her, see first feeds, and carry on with the milestones from there...

Watch this space for photos and ramblings :)

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