A Weeks Hiatus

So, it has to be said that, one week on, I am not missing anything that is Facebook-related. Not the petty arguments, the flame wars, random people being offended by random posts/shares, and certainly not those making wild, outrageous and downright nasty comments either in general, or on world events...

And I have to be honest here - there's not actually anything that interesting there anyway. If you get your world news or world views from Facebook, it's probably too late for you already. Half the "really funny" stuff is older than rock, and the other half is filled with videos of people pissing around on Vine.

I did get one message - a text, that is, I'm logged out of Facebook AND Facebook Messenger - asking why I was posting so much to Facebook, considering I'm apparently sulking and not on there... Turns out my Twitter feed is linked to my Facebook account, so each time I Tweet, Facebook posts it. So if you think I'm on Facebook, I'm really not - the fact it says "Posted from Twitter" or whatever should be the biggest giveaway there!

Other than that, it's been a long week - mainly because (as alluded to before) my medical crap is definitely kicking my arse at the moment. My meds are doing squat, and my body feels like it's slowly spiralling and shutting down... I DID have an appointment with a pain management clinic, but thanks to my brain being - well, my brain - I got confused on dates, times and locations of said-appointment. Needless to say, I went to the wrong place. At the wrong time. On the wrong day. AFTER missing my appointment. So, they discharged me as clearly I was wasting their time. Despite Kellie phoning and explaining the situation.

So that's been nice.

It's not just the physical shit that has been flying into the fan... No no, that'd be easy. And manageable. No, it's also the mental shit. Having to be told and reminded and retold of a date or time or to do something. Reading through stuff but getting absolutely nowhere fast. Failing to follow plots or characters in TV programs. Slurring and getting tongue tied and muddled up trying to form simple sentences... It's all been a bit much for me really. As usual, some days are worse than others - it's all I can do to get up and put on pyjamas some days - but it's definitely been hard for me this year.

I've found my energy levels are a lot worse than they have been too... I have resorted to collapsing in bed if my body thinks it needs to crash. A few weeks ago, I slept from Friday through til Monday, only waking once or twice. This week, I went to bed Friday lunchtime and woke up Saturday evening. I think my body isn't quite so happy with my usual "just push through it" routine, and has taken to punishing me.

My sleep is all screwed up too, and I've resorted to Amytriptyline once again, but not every night. However, on it or off it, my brain keeps funny hours. We might go to bed at ten, and I'll flake out within half an hour... Only to wake at half two, toss and turn for a couple of hours, resort to reading or putting on something quiet to watch... By half five I give up and get up, and then carry on through awake til bedtime the following night. The other side of that suck salad, is the complete opposite. We'll got to bed, and I take a tablet... Only to lay wide awake til three or four, at which point my brain remembers it's been drugged, and puts me to sleep - and there I stay til early afternoon.

So for those wondering, yes I'm still "ill" and no my body isn't improved or better.

Ho hum.

In other news, I finally got a Chromecast, and if you don't have one, I really really highly recommend it. Easy to set up, even easier to use... I'm fairly sure even older people will understand it!

And last but not least, after a rather long break from World of Warcraft, the boys have managed to twist my arm and get me interested again... That, and the cinematic for the next expansion looks stunning, plus the upcoming Warcraft movie looks amazing. World of Warcrack has, slowly but surely, sucked me back in over the last couple of weeks! Dom even bought me the current expansion - though I suspect his ulterior motive was more that he always looked so sad and disappointed when he realised I played Minecraft!

Hopefully, getting back into WoW will help divert my attention away from the pain and general suckiness that is my body. That might sound like a bad thing, but it's not, I promise. I always used to enjoy Warcraft for the escapism aspect, as well as the fact it distracts me from the pain shooting through my body!

In general, life is just plodding on here at Chez English. Poppy keeps us all entertained, busy and on our toes - and she is definitely spoiled by everyone. But then, I think it's her right as youngest, prettiest and most evil (she clearly has evil mind-control powers) to be doted on by brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends, family and random strangers on the bus.

For any of the TL;DR crowd out there... Still not on Facebook, still ill, going back to wow, Poppy is great.

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