done and done

that is more than enough of that i think... if you can think of any interesting links to put on here, drop me a mail - the address is on the left there *points*.

anyways - enough about that. the site is all pretty and stuff, so that's that. why a blog?

well for one - people are always telling me "you should write a book" but, i mean - me? pfft. sure i ramble, and my life always seems far from dull (but it is - trust me ;), but if people want to read my random musings, then so be it. i'm not going to tell you what to do.. well, ok, maybe i will :)

soooo - me.

if you are reading this, you probably followed a link i posted, so probably already know me, so probably don't need to read most of this. probably. aaanyway: i am 27 years old fella living in south-east england (a whole 30miles from london). hobbies? well, rambling, mostly. plus i am a computer nerd (i will post a picture of my very pretty computer later!). i love all things internet. i love all things wierd AND on the internet. i love emails. i love dungeons & dragons. did I mention i am a nerd? and for the last year, i've been completely addicted to darge age of camelot (click HERE for some info)

what else - well, i don't work. i have some kind of spinal problem that has been labelled as "degredation" as well as "chronic fatigue syndrome". it's pain 24/7, i use a walking stick sometimes, and take tablets for it. no cures, no operations - just gotta live with it.

as for the rest of my life, well:

the missus.

that's jodie - or at least, a couple of aspects of her :) she's 24 and we've been together since forever. well, eight years. we're not married, but then, we figure we don't need to be - we're happy, if you don't like it... *shrug*

and interesting note - we met when i broke her nose with a 4ft latex sword... love - grand innit :)

she is also the cause of two of the greatest natural disasters known to man:

the first - jaysen. 5 years old next week (going on 15) and bright as a button. top of his class for most things, and generally a loveable little monster.

the second - bethany. 3 years old in january, born with squillions of heart problems - amongst other things. she has bits missing, extra bits, bits in the wrong place - she's a self-assembled toy where someone failed to follow the instructions completely. you'd not know it to look at her - apart from the fact she is teeny - and she's had gut surgery as well as open heart surgery, and due for more in the coming months.

extended family. there's sally the dog - a white boxer that has the brain capacity of a toilet. then there are the cats - bast, queen of them all; trixie, gay male that farts; squeek, whinging fat lump; and the newest one - sinny, evil as hell and then some. and she hates me. with a passion. i have the scars to prove it!!

well - that should keep you going. no doubt i will be bored and post on here later on. there should be pictures up there, but no doubt i buggered that up!

Edit: well, it took three attempts, but the images are working now!

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