my god... i *had* to into town today. i *had* to get some shopping. none of this christmas lark, just normal, run-of-the-mill shopping stuff.

eight items. eight. took me 90 minutes!!! NINETY! and i couldnt get milk because - get this - people are buying it up and freezing it for over the xmas break!!


it's true what i read once. people are stupid. invididuals are whatever - smart, dim, clever, quick - but "people" in general are stupid. why the hell buy 12-15 pints of milk "just in case". it's not like there are no shops open on the 27th - heck, most shops are business as usual on the 27th, but people in general are stupid.

and HELLO! still NINETEEN days to go...

ugh, i need a beer after that balls up shopping experience. you will learn i am not a patient shopping - i need this and this, i go into the shop, and go to this and this and buy this and this, then i leave. i am not a browser.

and i won't even start on the old people in there.....

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