jo's leg is horrible... the bruising is coming out now, and it's getting all purple and swollen and looks like some arsehole wife beater has set upon her with a poker or something. and she's limping. and it hurts her to sit down at her computer. and every time she moves, she makes a sharp intake of breath sound because it hurts :(

i've never hurt jo on purpose, never even a little bit. so i feel like a complete and utter shit for doing it. she keeps saying "i know it was an accident" and "i know you didn't do it on purpose" but even so, it doesn't make me feel less bad.


jaysen is still poorly too. he's been up and down today, but we've been filling him with his medicines, even after reading this news story which is rather interesting... people will still be coming by tomorrow to drop off his presents and stuff, but no one will be stopping for fear of getting sick - our advice, not theirs.

aaanyway... nearly done with all the Xmas shopping stuff (and for any zealots out there, xmas is not taking the christ out of it - it's just a different spelling - don't believe me, just ask) just got a few more pressies to get for a few people, and then we're done... every year we say "we'll get stuff throughout the year" and every year we end up rushing around - one year we were still shopping xmas eve (along with the rest of the world!). no doubt i will be stressed out my head tomorrow!

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