i am not a fan of insomnia, but unlike disliking, say, cabbage - there's not a lot you can do about it. clear your mind? yeah right. think of something boring? my mind goes off on tangents all the time, so i might lay and contemplate WHY snow is white, but soon get to thinking things like "why is antibacterial washing up liquid blue" and such like - and usually end up getting up to email the company that makes it.

btw - it's blue so it is easier to differentiate between "normal" washing up liquid and anti-bac. also - blue is (apparently) seen as a clean colour.

people say "well, you do drink an awful lot of coffee" and i don't deny it - my mugs are all at least a pint in size, and the kettle is usually on the go all the time. funny thing is, i can usually get to sleep, i just wake up at some unearthly hour, like 0300 this morning. now granted, the kids (and everyone else) are sick, so in their defence, they aren't usually like this...

but - at some point in the night, both squids have crept into our bed. on the plus side, we have a continental super king size bed - it's 7ft square, but still, everyone that isn't me tends to stretch - leaving me squished. add my back ache, add my hurting kidneys (kidney infection :( ) and it doesnt make for a decent night at all.

so, i go into jaysens bed - where sally the dog promptly joins me. and that's that really. i lay there and lay there, then get the hump, and come downstairs with the intention of "reading mails till i want sleep" and end up even MORE awake, and then it gets to the point where i think "sod it, i am awake" and just stay up.

no doubt in a few days it'll all catch up at some inopportune moment - like talking to someone important - and i will look like i have narcolepsy.

but i did learn one thing - i actually learned the meaning of life! no, really... all you need to do is.....

*thud* zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ

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