last day of school

today is the last day at school this year for jaysen... not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing to be honest - but still :) i believe santa is visiting the school today to make sure they are being good - no doubt they will be good for him there, and then tear the place apart once old nick has gone! had a very long conversation with jaysen a couple of nights back - how does santa get into the house.

we don't have a chimney you see - flat roof, but no chimney. judging by the interesting "thing" that seems to head up the house, there used to be one, but it's blocked off now. so how does santa get in.

i tried the magic key - santa has a key that fits every lock and he will come in the front door. he wasn't sure about that. i tried magic in general - teleportation - he vanishes off the roof, and appears by the xmas tree, but he didn't believe that either. nor squeezing through the pipes, coming through the letter box or just sending the pressies in with magic.

santa HAS to come down the chimney. so we traced the chimney down into the kitchen, and will be moving the dinner table xmas night, just so he can get in. and we have to get mince pies and a carrot. we were going to leave a glass of sherry out, but jaysen thinks santa would prefer milk as sherry smells funny. so santa gets a glass of milk and a mince pie. oh, and the deer get a carrot to share. hehe

in other news.... hehehe not a lot actually. been infected with the "creative" bug once again, and have started jotting stuff down. i might write a long story one day, i might write some short stories, i might just chuck it in the bin! i've still got my wooonderful insomnia, so am currently sitting here yawning like it's going out of fashion. tried cutting out all caffiene during the day - didn't work. tried cutting out caffiene and sugar - didn't work... tried just drinking water, didn't work. next step is trying to suffocate myself! unconsciousness counts as sleep doesn't it? hehe

bethany is due to start school next month, but we've not heard a sausage from the playgroup (kinda like kindergarten) that she is supposed to be going to. we were under the impression she would be a september starter, but the week before she started, we were called and told there was no spaces - odd, considering we put her name down when jaysen started there... so the little alarm bells in my head murmered to themselves, but i thought nothing of it. maybe - just maybe - they are petrified of taking someone with the amount of problems as bethy into their rooms. but tough. so - we were told january. jo's neice is also supposed to be starting there in january, and they were telephoned last week to confirm the position - but not us. and again, the alarm bells dingle-dangled...fingers crossed this isn't the shape of things to come for her as she goes through life. "sorry, not with all those problems."

so, a bit huffy on that front, but otherwise, all is ok.

my little sis announced that she is engaged to her fella which is rather cool... she's had a really (and i mean REALLY) crap run with blokes over the last few years. most amusing thing is the guy she is now engaged to is someone i used to go to school with and gemma (my sis) used to be really nasty to him. last july we were at a wedding of another school friend of mine, and peter (her fella) was there also - there used to be a group of 4 of us that just stuck together, but when we left school, one moved away, one got a bigtime job, one got a family and one was left alone... me and stuart kept in contact (it was stuart that got married), and then steve moved back into the area, and then pete came back into the picture - it took ten years mind you! so anyway - at the wedding, gemma and pete spent most of the weekend together (very posh do in the cotswolds where stuart now lives!) and i kept saying to her "you and him have something going on"... she denied all knowledge, but a week after being back home, they went for some drinks, then some more, then they went out as friends, and it kinda went from there... so my little sis is getting married!

there's always been a long running joke that she'd be married before me - me and jo have been together for 8 years and engaged for most of that time - but we're just not worried about getting hitched yet. when ever we go to weddings, people say really useful things like "this will make you want to get married!" or something, and as we are usually good friends with bride and/or groom, we see the hassle, the stress and the crap they have to go through on that one "special" day, and it pushes us away even more! it's not a "we don't want to get committed" as we're married in our eyes. we both have rings, we both love each other, and we're as commited as you can get - but STILL people go on about the marriage. you can't explain it to someone that doesn't know - big gratz on those that go through the wedding machine and come out on the other side, but for us, we don't need it... another ring and a bit of paper won't change anything - she just gets to use the very cunning surname of english (oooh the irony, we live in england, we are english, and the surname is english... such hilarity!).

the ONLY thing i regret about not having married jo sooner - my stepdad John who passed away in June never saw us get hitched...

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