ooooh busy!

title says it all really... finished all the xmas shopping, decorations are up, and everything ticks over as usual.

it is COLD though - fricking cold... frosty every morning, so having to wrap up warm to take jaysen to school.

tired - bone tired. been having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, and then having trouble waking in the morning. i think i am destined to live life tired. no doubt in a few days i will flake out for 12-14 hours and then feel like crap for several days.

ho hum - not all bad - off to see return of the king shortly which i am REALLY looking forward to - i am a sad git, and its the simple things in life that keep me happy :) also jo got me the two towers extended edition this week which i will probably watch on here later while catching up with my mails...

and finally (another simple thing!) finally got my main character to level 50 in camelot! so yay me! jo spent the day helping me level, and when the time came to push through quests, a couple of others logged on to help out... got my big ding not through killing some big bad nasty, but by giving a woman a lost statue! hehehe

oh well - time to go see the film! later!

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