one of those days...

the day actually started AFTER dawn - i took some pills before i went to sleep last night, and ended up waking this morning at 1130! of course, things went pearshaped from there.

jaysen is still not well, and has been off school for most of the last week. after finally managing to get a doctor appointment this evening, he's not just poorly - he's sick as a dog!! the list:

chest infection - both lungs
"another" throat infection
seriously inflamed adenoids
a glandular virus
the flu

so - we've got three meds plus paracetamol to give him, and as he's catching, he's got to stay away from kids - which is a real pain in the arse, considering thursday is his birthday! :( so, we've had to postpone it, and we're going to spoil him rotten... typical luck for us though..

hopefully the meds will make a difference, but he's to stay in till monday at least... poor ickle thing.

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