once again, i find myself wide awake at the crack of dawn. well, actually, i've been up an hour and it's still dark, so not actually dawn yet... once again i wake up to find both kids in bed, but for added fun, the dog was asleep on my legs too - i'm going to pay for that today :( i am sooo tired - my eyes actually feel like they've receeded an inch into my head (which is not a nice feeling). no doubt i am going to be all snappy and irratable today!

jaysen is still poorly, so it looks like he has to have another day off school (which is a bugger). this "bug" that is going around is really holding onto him, and there's nothing worse than a sick child. i wouldn't mind if he didn't eat properly and didn't take vitamins, but he does - both of these! next year i think it's going to be flu shots all around.

bethy seems to have shaken the bug - still streaming-snot-girl, but that is preferable to hack-a-lung-up-girl. hopefully she will be well for her next mri... three have been cancelled so far in the last three months, and it's not that amusing any more.

and to top it all off - it looks like i am going to have to fight my way into town and get some shopping this morning... that'll be fun. :(

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