and onto the good!

so, with all the crap that has gone on, i am trying to get back on track. people have nagged me till my ears bleed, and i know i've neglected most people i know via the web, so, not saying it will change over night, but i WILL start logging onto messenger, and i will start being a touch more human. i've been a complete **** <-- baaaad word - over the last year or so, and it's time to snap out of it. no more moping, sulking and being a grumpy bugger (rather, i will be grumpy, i will just direct it elsewhere!)

for all of the friends out there - even the nagging one - thanks. the kick in the arse was what i needed. i will be a better friend from now - promise!!

so - what else is new? well... (for those on my heart lists, the following is a cheeky cut-n-paste!)

Well, today was another milestone for the little madam - she had her first session of Playgroup (Kindergarten!)... 12-3, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Did she enjoy it? HECK YES! She strutted in with her Tweenies Shoulderbag (with a change of clothes, just in case) and slotted right into the crowd! We were told "One of you will probably have to stay, as most kids don't like it on their first few days.

After twenty minutes, the little madam said "Aren't you going home mummy?" and that was that!

You could tell the play leaders were somewhat worried about the little timebomb we just handed them, but we said told them that if you think she looks blue, just sit her down for a bit. As far as we're concerned, a bit of blue isn't that much to worry about, but the rest of our family panic when she gets that "tinge" to her body, so no doubt the teachers were worried. Most people have one or two "other" names on their contact list - we've got a small army! hehehe

Anyways - Bethy loved it, had no problems at all, played with the other girls (and boys, which I will soon put a stop to!), and the play leaders said it was like she had been with them forever - she did as she was told, helped clean up, was quiet when told to be - WHY CAN'T SHE DO THAT AT HOME!

Anyways - she can't wait till Wednesday, and then Thursday is her birthday... busy week for her, tripping over one mile stone after another! hehehe

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