bloody typical

jo is going away for the weekend at 4.30 today, and as is usually the case when she plans these things, i am once again sick! stinking case of the man flu and to make things even more interesting, a throat infection has today robbed me of my voice. *that* should be amusing with the kids. it's very hard to shout at a naughty child and not sound like a sickly ringwraith from lord of the rings. (11 oscars, go team LotR!)

anyway - not much else is cooking, and the kids will either be very good or very bad - there is no middle ground for them when jo isn't here. fingers crossed for the former!

on a side note, if any virus authors read this, please take the following into consideration:

"grow up morons!"

while i've never had a problem with a virus, lots of my friends are getting slapped by the Beagle, NetSky and MyDoom viruses. i run several (nearly 30!) lists at yahoogroups, and they are getting absolutely hammered with viruses and such like.

off now to drink a cold/flu remedy - asta!

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