good point- my throat doesn't hurt as much
bad point- i still have bugger all voice

good point- i am scoffing a bag of liquorice
bad point- i will probably be farting all evening

good point- jo is looking after me
bad point- she is leaving in an hour

hehe typical being me - i don't get all good, it has to balance out... ho hum.

anyways - jaysen just got in from school sporting a scratch down the side of his face. we were rather surprised, and a bit angry when he told us a boy in his class did it. however, it soon transpired that he and jaysen and a few others were "play fighting"... see previous post about listening to your mum.

and on a side note, bethy came in from her school today - it appears she had tried to paint her head black in class... so we have a black crusty fringe, a black-spattered forehead, and black paint from her nose to her knees.

joy of joys!

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