feeling good!


despite that i still feel pretty grotty - but yay the return of the voice - i am feeling pretty good! upbeat, clear-headed and cheerful! i've actually felt good for the last couple of days, so maybe my grumbly-guts mood that has been with me since... er... since... 1976? anyway - things seem to be brightening for me!

i meant to have a relativly early night last night, but sort of didn't. i was playing sim city last night, and things were going well, and i was infected with "just five more minutes" syndrome... so at 0030 this morning, i logged off, text jo goodnight just as she was texting me a good night.. ended up "chatting" to her via text till 0130 this morning, and it took me an hour to drift off to sleep! hehehe so much for the early night!

so - she's due home in the next few hours, the house is tidy, and i am doing a roast dinner for her - chicken is done, sausages wrapped in bacon are done, stuffing is ready to go, veg is ready to go.. damn i am too prepared sometimes! hehehe

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