when furniture attacks...

it could be said i am accident prone. actually, it's said a heck of a lot. i prefer the the term "accident magnet" though, as it seems that crap simply happens to me.

i had this cunning idea yesterday. my desk was a bit cluttered, and i was sick of it. let me rephrase that actually - i am a virgo. everything has to be just *so*, and while our house is cluttered, it's organised. my desk however is a different matter. it is my own little world that i have complete control over, so things go just so, and i am often moving things a few millimeters just to get it to look right.

anyway - i have bits and bobs on my desk that attract dust and are always being knocked and moved, so my cunning plan was to put a little shelf just over my desk. it's only about two and a half feet long, and maybe three quarters of a foot wide - just the right size for my stuff. so after a bit of measuring, removing the smaller things from my desk and completely covering the monitor and computer, i set to searching for my tools.

impressively, there were where i usually put them, and while i was rooting around under the cupboard, i was mucking around with jo who was on the other side of the house pulling faces. anways - my cunning plan was to leap to my feet in a stylish manner. what i did was REALLY painful. i got ready, move my tools, and leapt up - attaching my back directly to the draw that was open behind me.

i'm not a small person by ANY stretch of the imagination, and as i walk almost everywhere, my leg muscles are pretty strong, and propelled me up hard and fast. the corner of the draw stuck straight into my back, and as i leapt, it carved a small channel into my back - about 6 inches long - before i dropped like a sack of fat potatoes. my god, it hurt so much, i wasn't sure if i was going to blackout, puke or scream. one minute i was up, the next i was on the ground.

my back hurts at the best of times, but the force i hit the draw with was awful, and now i was bleeding everywhere... jo was there in a heartbeat, helping me up cleaning out the cut and covering it. insta-bruising as well... so anyway - i somehow managed to sort the shelf which was a mission in itself - i had to redrill three of the four holes twice, then i buggered the head of a screw, so had to struggle getting that out... blah blah blah - shelf is now up, and i spent most of yesterday feeling sorry for myself and well doped up on my pain killers.

today the cut doesn't hurt - i feel like my spine has been walloped with a car, and the pills are making me nice and whoozy... just sucks to be me sometimes.

oh, and my hand is covered in blisters from the screwdriver!

all that - just from a shelf! which i should add, looks fecking excellent. i also managed to find a lamp that is almost an identical colour to my computer case, so my desk is co-ordinated as well! hehehe

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