i laughed till i peed

i like funny films. most of my collection (several hundred tapes and dvds!) are comedy, and as i have the house to myself and the squids are asleep in bed, i thought i'd watch one i haven't seen for a while - liar liar with jim carey. omg, i forgot how funny that film is, and have aching cheeks from laughing...

rather, it wasn't so much laughing, sounded more like someone sandpapering rotten wood - kinda dry and raspy!

anyways - it's late, i am knackered, and i miss my honey already. what i was saying earlier about good point/bad point:

good point - my bed is 7ft square
bad point - when jo isn't home, it's too big and lonely :(

ah well - at least i have my nice shiny new mobile phone to play with!

pretty innit! and like most gadget-type things i own, it's a wonderful blue-colour! i am easily impressed!


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