damn fricking germs are still here :( voice is almost non-existant, but on the plus side (good/bad!) the kids are behaving for now, so i don't need to tell them off...


of course, you can tell it's a saturday - usually i get up at 0730-0745, but this morning i was up a little before seven! typical!

anyways - had a message from jo - she's having a blast even though the cold has gotten into her knees, so she is suffering a bit. if you recall, i was planning on getting back into lrp'ing, however, a few weeks ago, i started having second thoughts, and last week i decided it was waaay too cold (i am a wimp!) for me. long and short - i can spend an hour or two in town and the cold hurts my back, and this weekend would have been me up, about and outside pretty much continuously from friday night till sunday lunch, and then i would have to sit in a car for three hours there and back. fun huh?

anyways - i've decided to wait till the summer when it's warmer, and to lose a bucket of weight before i go - the warmth and lack of lard should help, but i won't know till it happens!

we shall see!

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