if you enjoy visual quizzes (music/movies) then you might be interested to go to this page. they have some excellent stuff on there, and it's engrossed me and jo for a good few days.

i should also add that a good friend of mine sent me the music one, telling me she had guessed only 14 of the 60... after a few hours of her complaining "how did i get so many right" did she realise it was a music quiz, and that she had NO clue how excel worked. she has looked at the image and assumed each of her answers were right!! i told her to type her answers into the boxes on the sheet. turns out her score of 14 was actually 7. to make things even more amusing - despite the attachment being called "music quiz" and that the title of the document was "music quiz" she though it was just "famous people" and managed to put people like brad pitt on there! hehehe

go have a look - definitely worth a laugh!

and by the way - the music quiz - i scored 58/60 in the end!

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