translation: the 8th sin?

i got a case for my new mobile in the post this morning. not that great so i am sending it back (i am a complete tart), but i had to laugh at the information on the back. someone somewhere with a gold star in "english language basics level 1" or someone that has pasted their product info into an online translator was put in charge of the back of the box bumpf - and this is quoted directly:

This is the PVC Mobile Phone Case of easy schleping and more function, This case is made with import and defended radialization material. And the appearance is so beautiful.
The main characteristic is easy schleping, it can be hunged up at the waist, hunged up at the cervic and free holding.

Hang up at the waist:This case has steel button and high strength PC clip.
The mobile phone can be hunged up at the waist with the case. And it can be went round and round for 360 degrees.

Hang up at the cervix: This case has high stretch and defended snap soft fibre sling. This sling will defend hurt to the cervix and defend breaking.

Free holding: If you will put the mobile phone into your placket or hold in your hand, you can twise off the button of the case. Because it is so easy.

I could sit and point out all the hilarity all day long, BUT the most amusing thing for me is that it can be hung (hunged!) at the cervix! I bet women with vibrating mobile funs love this feature! hehehe

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