yay me!

had a relatively busy day... started with jaysen being sick in the early hours, so no school for him today. then jo woke up feeling iffy and flaked on the sofa just after 9am, and stayed there snoring till about 2pm when i woke her up (she's not sleeping, so i figured that that sleeping too late would screw her sleeping pattern even more!).

so, while the squids have been doing their own thing - jaysen seeming fine - i decided i was bored of my existing roleplaying webpage, a copy is stored here (as a before image). not bad, one of my first attempts at a webpage, and not too shabby - but i got bored with it and decided to change it so it now looks like this! how pretty is that! the image took a while to do, messing with colours, opacity filters and font layout... now i have the ground work for it down, it's just a case of taking the existing info across and reformatting it to the new style.

also, as we're starting live-action roleplaying in the summer, i am incorperating that part into the lyrass.com site as we are running the games on lyrass. also on there will be a zombie-blood-fest mini site. think of every bad zombie film, add resident evil into it and you have live-action survival horror, with the monster team coming up with new and amusing ways to fake blood and guts...

i'm not sure when it will be sorted, but hopefully won't take too long!

and if you can tell me the picture i hacked up to make the logo, you win a pat on the back!

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