there's always something!

where is the year going?! april already! i can't believe it's been almost a week since i last posted here (and even then it was a pretty pointless post!)...

had "one of those weeks" again... bethy has been sick again - nasty ear infection - so she's been up to the hospital again and the doctor again, has more antibiotics and some eardrops that she doesn't appreciate much... on the other hand, i am not too worried she doesn't like them - the amount of crap she DOES put up with, like constant meds, needles, poking and prodding... if i were her, i'd be an unimpressed bunny!

had another flurry of friends with computer problems, so have been on the phone/at houses/sending text messages to help people out. i'm changing my #1 rule of computing from "you must have antivirus software and a firewall" to "stop fiddling with the bloody settings!"... what is it about people's need to fiddle? if i ran a company, my patron enemy would be dee-dee from dexters lab... "ooooh what does this button do?" followed by the sound of something exploding!!

me - i fiddle with settings to see what happens, but then if something goes wrong, i know what i did, know it was my fault, and know how to unbreak it. other people will either say "i didn't do it" or "i think i pressed something i shouldn't have!"

when in doubt, don't touch!!

other than that - started on the beast that is the front garden. trying to lose weight, summer is coming soon, and figured it's as good a method as any to get outside in the fresh air! mowed the lawn, found a flower bed, tidied an existing flower bed - looks rather nice. hopefully next week i will be putting some plants into the newly-discovered bed!

other than that.... all is pretty quiet! the adventure i wrote for the new lrp game that started last week went very well apparently - if you were a player on it, i REALLY didn't mean for you to die (and that's to all four of the victims!). my usual group know all well and good that i simply cannot write a low/newbie/easy scenario!! why do you think people kissed their characters goodbye if they found out sunday's game was a "Dungeon O Dan"... hehehehe

the zombie blood fest game that is coming up (rather rapidly!) has been snapped up like it's going out of fashion! one of the last players (a chap named bob who seems rather amusing!) has sent jo a "revised" copy of the system, complete with a "you will die" message. simply because - you will die! hehe all jo and grant need now is for the 40 people that have their names down is for them to pay! i don't think they will start sweating until the end of june, but you never know!

my back has had a fecked stage again - the gardening and some of the housework took it's toll, and i've spent a couple of days just chilling and watching some movies while in a drug-induced haze, which puts an amusing edge on some films! hehehe

and lastly - my play by email games are taking off nicely once again (apart from the fact yahoogroups is fecking with my posts again!), and i have several new players that are all jolly nice chaps! hopefully they will hang around for a while!

soooo... back to the grind :)

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