another day...

another injury.

i kid yea not. ok, first off - the kids have finished their school for the time being - two weeks off which SHOULD mean the parents get to lie in almost every day while the kids play nicely in their bedroom... at least - that's what *I* remember! (note: comments about sister and loo-bloo are not welcome here!).

anyways - the kids are, to put it bluntly - being complete little turds. it's amazing i've not shut them in their room and locked the door! i spent an HOUR this afternoon cleaning up a litre of PAINT off the hall carpet. jaysen decided it needed moving from the shelf in the back room, decided the hall was a better spot, decided the lid was better off, and decided the tin should lay on it's side.

i should add that i actually managed to clean every teeny drop up - took forever and killed me, but done and done.

however - yesterday was a nightmare. i was washing up, for today is jo's 25th birthday, and decided to get all the housework done so we could have a day off today of pampering her. vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, laundry, washing up. i left the washing up till last coz i hate it! anyways - while doing the utensils and cleaning a very sharp serrated knife i somehow managed to slip and jam the blade into my hand. marvellous. one look and i knew i was heading to the hospital. i could see the bone and the tendon in there, and it wasn't pretty.

oddly, it didn't hurt not even a teeny bit (i later discover i've gone through the nerves, apparently ;) and i was merrily peeking in to make sure there was nothing in there - after all, dirty utensil in flesh is never the most hygenic thing. so, thanks to our friend ruth, her stepdad shot over and drove me up there. after lots of poking and prodding, the doctor decided that while it was a very nasty injury (and very well done according to him!) i had damaged a tendon but not quite severed it. so he decided to stitch, which meant a local anesthetic.

now, i've had anesthetic on several occasions - appendix, tonsils and something else - but never a local. silly me figures it to be 1 needle, 1 jab, over and done. ooooh boy was i wrong. now i don't know if i mentioned it before, but i am not a needle person. i can watch blood and gore, watch needles going into other people, i even have my tongue pierce, but needles freak me. so mr doctor starts jabbing and injecting, jabbing and injecting.

"you've gone very ashen on me mr english, are you alright?" i hear, followed X amount of time later by "come on mr english, up you get" as i am laying slap bang on the floor of the cubicle. "i thought you had no allergy to medicine" asks the doctor as i stagger onto the bed. no, no allergy here - just a big fat coward that doesn't like needles. so, with me laying down, he resumes the stabby stabby.

it's "don't look down" syndrome. as soon as someone says "don't look at this, your head and eyes immediately turn onto the afore-mentioned "non-looking" item. in my case, it was a syringe loaded with drugs.

so, once the side of my hand was numb, he starts on the stitching, starting with the tendon. there is blood everywhere at this point, and as he is done, i flake out again, and he and the nurse had to bring be back to the land of the living. several stitches (5 or 6 i think!) later, i am done. "are you up to date with your tetnus shot mr english?" asks the nurse. erm... er... thinking back, my last tetnus shot came from a mishap involving a rusty metal fence, gravity, and my inner thigh, when i was 14. now being 27, i was out of date, so back onto the bed, and another needle.

hell - it does exist you know!

anyways - i ended up walking home more to clear the fuzz from my head and the feeling of "repeat performance of the dinner", and made it home, sporting a very cool-looking injury. i still can't figure how i managed it - i know to hold blades away from you while using and cleaning them, but hey - i guess i learned my lesson!

of course, being right-handed and slashing into said right hand makes life very tricky. especially cleaning of paint - jo can't use the cleaning thing to save her life, so i did it. and it's her birthday, so there was no way i was making her scrub up a puddle of brilliant white! the downside is using a mouse is a mission, and typing takes forever - i am just using my left hand, as i keep trying to use the iffy finger.

i hope those that read this drivel appreciate how long it's taken me to write this!! hehehe

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