it's really been "one of those days" today. with jo being away, saturday is the only full day that she isn't here, so the plan is usually get up, clear up, wash up, feed the tribe, drink copious amounts of tea/coffee and while the kids are entertained, do my thing on the computer.

i think out of the last dozen instances that jo has been away, this has come to pass on maybe two occasions. and today was no exception.

granted, i went to bed late and granted i had a crap night early morning, but jesus....

bethy is definitely coming down with something - she is grumpy, hot, whingy, not hungry and just wants cuddles. hell, she even fell asleep at midday on my lap!

first i tried to play a bit of daoc with grant - no joy, kids destroyed the cable box, so me and mr screwdriver went to work and fixed it, but it took two hours. then the hoovering called me, but i only got halfway through it when bethy wanted cuddles. usually it's "go and sit down and i will cuddle you in a minute" but this time it would have done her more harm to leave her as she was really crying, so cue hoover off, cuddle active and sleeping baby on lap.

right - take advantage of the placing of my chair and check my mail - which is still screwed. so posted for some games and realised i had lost all feeling in my left foot. walking with pins and needles is not always an amusing sport, but when trying it with a sleeping child (and the cause!) it's really difficult.

so, take bethy up to lounge, lay her on sofa, and set to clearing up the mess that jaysen has single-handedly created. now can't be arsed to finish the hoovering, so set upon the washing up. cue greg (jo's little brother) and abbie (his daughter/my niece) turning up complete with his laptop. he's caught the daoc bug off me and jo, so he jumped into one of my network points and started playing. what the hell, i joined in, and for about an hour, we got some killing going.

then abbie decided she wanted to sleep, not in her buggy, but on her daddy - so game over, off greg went. enter the bethy and jaysen who now wanted feeding, and it being 3pm. so, lunch all round and remade for bethy who realised the honey sandwich she asked for was in fact gross.

attack the washing up again - bear in mind there is only a day's worth of dirty crockery that would usually take me a maximum of half an hour. ding dong door bell - re-enter the greg sans baby and with laptop. so we get him back on the network and i throw the washing up to the wind - screw it, i'll do it in the morning. before logging on to daoc, i see a post on the newsgroup and have a look - go see this amusing comic.

so - a little more than two and a half hours later, i finish reading the entire site of about 400 strips! omg it's funny if you are into computer gaming!

so - six o clock, re-feed the kids, and cue both children to do nothing but muck around and complain they are tired. sally makes out like a bandit with the half-eaten dinners. "are you kids tired?" queries daddy. "yes" is the reply, and so, here i am.

no doubt they are up there playing "page removal" from one of my books, but i am waaaay too tired. i've only had one cup of tea today, and that was a cold COLD one - this coming from me that usually drinks his tea and coffee luke-warm.

so, fingers crossed i might actually get somewhere this evening. no doubt i will be joined by mr absinthe, but master southern comfort and his good friend ol' man coke might put in an appearance instead. or as well. who knows!

on the bright side, the house no longer resembles a south-american hovel struck by an earthquake and a litter-bomb. no doubt it will be chaos right up until the point that jo walks in, at which point my nervous breakdown will occur, and much drooling will ensue.

livin la vida loca indeed.....

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