ok, going to bed just before 1am was probably not the best plan. i spent most of the evening pissing around with windows, downloading themes, backgrounds and various bits and bobs, trying to make it look *just so*, and the time sort of ran away from me.

went to bed to find the squids in it, so fidgeted them over to jo's side of the bed. took me ages to get to sleep, and when i did finally doze off, bethy started getting grumpy and i spent most of the night up and down as she squirmed around.

and now i'm woken up at 7.30 on a saturday by bethy getting out of bed and crying for mummy. and for some reason, the heating isn't on and the weather is not nice - sunny, yes. cold, yes. windy, absolutly! so the thermostat is now cranked up and the kids are under a blanket on the sofa.

i am sooo tired - i am sitting here like a zombie, hair is all over the place and i need a shave! need another haircut, and i think i'll get some blonde highlights put in too!

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