always fun in the house...

so, i spent last week sick - again - but this time it was awful... had a bout of enteritus, which basically meant my IN hole and OUT hole couldn't remember what they were for, and both become "express out" doors. i hate playing "which end goes over the loo" so ended up with a big bowl by the toilet. i went through so many different medicines, but i suspect it was more a case of they weren't in long enough to help.

ah well, all better now.

jodie on the other hand has had a stinking cold/flu bug for a few days now and feels all yucky and grotty, so again, that's fun too - not.

the kids are OK, just running in hyperdrive little turd mode. on the bright side, bethy is at school 5 afternoons a week now, so we get a couple of hours to ourselves - minds out the gutter please! it's our "tidy up" time without doing one room, leaving it and returning 10 minutes later to find the kids have "played" in there! at least this way the house looks presentable 5 afternoons a week. (in other words, if you want to come round, make it between 1pm and 3.15pm as by 3.20pm both kids are in and the reset button gets pressed!

we actually managed to get a baby sitter last night, and headed out to the movies... saw Van Helsing which - to be completely honest - absolutly rocked! my god, it was such a good film - 2hrs 15mins or something like that - and it whizzed by. not sure how it got a 12a rating because there are a few hairy bits in there - i jumped out my skin three or four times easily! The three "classic" badguys are in it - Dracula (played very well by Richard Roxburgh), Wolfman/Werewolf which is done by CGI and looks amazingly scary, and Frankensteins Monster (who is played by someone I've never heard of!). You've also got Van Helsing himself (Hugh Jackman, what a man!) and my current "movie gal" Kate Beckingsale who I would marry in a heart beat! hehehe jodie has agreed i can have her as long as she gets hugh jackman - sounds like a fair deal to me! the oddest casting was Van Helsings sidekick Carl - played by the chap that played Faramir in Lord of the Rings!

go see it - definitely worth it (except for the fricking online ads for it everywhere that gobble bandwidth and slow down pages all over the place!).

after that we went to my sisters - bear in mind we turned up soaked through at almost midnight - and sit there for three hours drinking, chatting and watching Old School (which i have to borrow to watch again!)... a generally excellent evening had by all :)

other than that, life is pretty quiet for once (!!), D&D games aside, PBEM games aside, LRP games aside, keeping the site up to date, and plodding around on a new MMORPG (Massivly Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) Shadowbane... Lots of friendly people, but it's not really holding my interest, and am actually considering heading back to Dark Age of Camelot. been a lot of changes as far as i can tell reading the forums, aside from the anti-Mythic brigade that hate the game, played the game, quit the game, yet still hang around on the forums talking about the game... yeah, get a life chaps.

oh, and comedy moments thanks to the fricking sasser worm... i am sure that the people that have computers near me put their fingers in their ears when i mention the words "firewall" "anti-virus" and "windows update". imagine their surprise when the crap hit the fan last weekend, and five people called asking me to fix their computers... add to the surprise further when i fed them a "told you so" and "search online if you can for a removal tool". i am sick to death of being the free call out bloke that people know. people online aren't a problem - everyone usually asks the same questions, and what i type in response to one question i can save and paste if it arises again. however, there's no such tool for the phone or face to face. of the five that called, i had already installed a firewall and antivirus software, but they "didn't like the firewall popups reporting activity" which they can disable, so instead they disabled it. those that disable the antivirus did so because apparently the program kept moving or deleting their downloaded audio/movie/software files... DUH - that's because they have a virus on them!!

some people... *smacks head*

oh, and if anyone is wanting a little cat or some frogs, let me know... sinny (you may recall the psycho-dan-assassin-kitten - well, she's all grown up now) loves to bring us gifts. so far, we've only had a single (mangled) bird, but usually three or four times a day, we get a frog. since we moved here, we've always had frogs in the garden - next door have a teeny walled pond, so they aren't from there - so we're not sure where they are coming from, nor why we are getting them - but anyway... sinny catches them and brings them into the house - usually dropping it on the stairs or on the kitchen floor. she is, however, very very gentle - all so far have been uninjured, just fed up with being dragged in by the cat.

now, i don't mind frogs - i am one of those guys that as a child had all kinds of slimey critters around, so a frog is just a frog to me. i'm getting the kids used to the weird critters as well, and bethy will quite happily let a snail wander over her hand, or stroke a rat, and jaysen is quite happy to bring in bugs from ants to stag beetles without any sign of fear.

jodie, however, is a different kettle of fish. or frogs. she's a tough ol' bird and doesn't phase very easily, but a frog with 20ft... it's the funniest thing you have ever seen. she shrieks and hollars, and you can see her "fight of flight" mechanism punching the RUN AWAY button. she is comparable to the old lady in the old tom & jerry cartoons - screaming and getting on a chair! the kids thinks it's hilarious, so they often "innocently" show mummy the latest frog in the garden...

of course, i suspect the tables will be turned one day when we are with a mile of a snake - then it'll be MY turn to run and scream (i am not a snake person!) and the kids to chase me - they still think it's amusing to put the toy snake in my wardrobe on my teeshirts....

and before the great frog/toad debate starts up, these are DEFINITELY frogs. or foggies, as bethy calls them... not toads. not poisonous to the cat.

maybe i should lace a frog with arsenic and let sinny find it..............

oooh last thing - keep your fingers crossed for a friend of ours across the pond. shannon clement has been in my games since i pretty much started running them, and we had the pleasure (as you read pleasure, using air-speech-marks) of meeting him and his lovely wife last year... amy currently has a bun in the oven, and earlier this week she had to spend a few days in hospital as she went into labour early at around 36 weeks. anyways - the docs got the labour stopped, and she SHOULD be on bedrest as i write this, leaving poor old shannon to do all the house work. anyways - keep your fingers crossed that amy has a nice restful 4 weeks, that shannon keeps the house spotless, and that amy doesn't kill him at any point!


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