ebay giggles...

ok, i know that there is a *lot* of crap on ebay, but these.... wOw.

This One
read this carefully, and look at the price it is going for. in case you don't twig (ie, you're not a geek) this is just for a BOX, not an actual Xbox! and i think that as it states what it is in the description, the winner will have to pay for it!

Another One
erm... i've been in middlesborough - i suppose it's unique ;)

Yet Another
lovely gift... sure anyone would want it!

And Lastly
proof that americans will in fact buy anything - look - they are paying approx £1.27 for a basic, bog standard £1.00 coin! not like they are hard to come by!

the things you can find when bored out your skull!

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