I've spent most of the day on the phone to Blueyonder Customer Support, as we've beeing having intermittant Web and Mail access for the last week. Me, being the optimist, figured that we'd get a tech, check the line from modem to connection in the street, repair anything that is screwed.

Boy was I wrong.

My modem is so old, they stopped using them a year ago - well, February of last year. For some reason, they missed mine when they replaced the rest of the country! Bastards! Added to this, not only is the modem old, but the Co-axial cable is no longer used, nor is the wall connection, the cable in the lawn SHOULD be fine, but the connector will need replacing as well.

I was soooo pissed - this has been going on for 18 months at least, and NOW they tell me they missed me! They FORGOT! Idiots. After much screaming, shouting and spitting of pacifier, I have wangled not only an upgrade free of charge (Usually £50!), but two months of free internet (£70)... We're going from a 512Kbps to a 1.5Mbps (for those not internet savvy, we're getting our connection speed tripled!)! WAHOO! Power! Speed! Downloading from FTPs like lightning! YAAAY!

However... There is always a "but" in my life.

They are sending a Tech out on Thursday to have a lookie-see what needs doing. He MIGHT be able to do it himself, but it's doubtful. He will then fill a report, and everything should get sorted in the next week to ten days. Hopefully. The OTHER downside, is it's a "possibility" that we will lose out email addresses. Great (though that might solve the X-million spam-per-day issue we have)... Not sure WHY we could lose them, but we are ready, just in case.

This is just so you all know and are ready incase me and Jo vanish off the face of the earth. All is well, it just means something went bang.

And, for the sheer hell of it, once THAT is done, I am doing away with this crappy network I am running. Pushing the boat out and going for a Wireless network... Mainly because I don't want to run fecking cables all over the house - we're decorating the kids bedrooms in the next few weeks, and their computers are going up there. Those of you that have seen our home will know it's bloody tall, and the kids are going to the top floor! I will be connecting the modem to the thingie-ma-jigg (hehehe technical me) so if my computer happens to start smoldering, Jo will still have internet access and can spend many hours taking the piss.

As it stands at the moment, we have no web access, and the mail has been up and down all bloody day... Not that it matters, as Jo is out beating the crap out of people (again - she's sooo good at inflicting pain on people!) and the kids are beating the crap out of me (which they are soooo good at doing). So much for getting posting done today! hehehe

As there are several people on here that have direct communication (that is, I either talk on the phone, text messages or face to face), if anything DOES go wrong (does, if, when, whatever!) the you will know about it, and it can filter through all the lists.

Anyways - I put on Return of the King this morning at 10.40 - the kids have managed to bugger around that much, that I am not even half way through it, and it's nearly 4pm. Bugger it, I will watch it tonight.

If we DO get new email addresses (which would be nice, as I've not changed mine for months!), I will be making sure they are not "up" any where for the spammers to get - which means I will either do the @blueyonder.NOSPAM.co.uk trick, or just use one mail for everything that isn't all over the world (webpages, forums, etc etc).

Have fun, and wait for the loud explosion in the coming days from my address!!

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