*sniffle* and ranting!

first off - very nice new layout for blogger :) nice and clear and spanky looking!

anyways, jaysen has gone on his first field trip with the school today, and taking him to class was wierd because i knew he'd be fine, but i miss the little sod anyway! they're off to marsh farm for the day, and he has been looking forward to it for weeks. he's been out and about with people - my sister gemma often takes him out, jo's brothers, greg and grant take him out, and even the grandparents; but i KNOW them, and KNOW what they are capable of. jaysen can be an angel, and he can be a real little sod - hey, he's 5 years old! but i suppose it's just a parent thing :)

in other news - i feel sooooo lethargic. my arms feel heavy, my legs are like iron, my head is wobbly and i am bone tired - lack of sleep i suppose. i don't feel ill - not really - just heavy. probably just me being a tired fatty i suppose!

and the rant - why do door to door religious types choose ME for their sermon? a bit of background - me and jodie are not religious, not by a long shot. i've never been interested in it, and to me, it's just something for people to hold close to their heart. jodie is a borderline agnostic/wicca type, and me, well - i control my own fate, no higher power steering me, bad things happen to everyone, etc etc. they might be some higher being, a power greater than all, but it's not something that makes me want to sing hymns, mutter prays or go to church.

anyway - this guys knocks on my door and starts rattling off about going to church, confess your sins, seek redemption in the lord - and i have NO clue which church he was representing. so, he asks me if i believe if the wars in the worlds present and history are anything to do with religion. duh. yes. that and greed/power/insanity.

he then tells me that all wars are simply nothing more than mans need to expand into new lands and territorys, and like a pride of lions moving through the savannah, they are simply making their dominance known. right - so hitler didn't persecute the jews (oohm religion), the jews and muslins of yugoslavia weren't killing each other because *gasp* they had different religious beliefs, saddam persecuted the shi'ites, the english and spanish (i think!) didn't wipe out the heretic south-americans waaay back in the history of man... witch burnings because they were apparently an affront to christianity, then there was the good ol' crusades, the gaza strip, the northern ireland/eire conflicts...

but no - apparently they were all for land and had NOTHING to do with religion... i don't suppose "genocide" is a word in the mans vocabulary.

so, mr religious asks about me personally - why don't *I* believe in god(s) or religion. i laughed. i don't often laugh at people, but i laughed. i rattled off all the crap i have been through since i was born, right up to modern day.

with a perfectly straight face, without batting an eyelid, he told me that god doesn't make all the bad, satan does. so there we have it. satan killed my stepfather, satan forced bethy to have heart problems, satan is rotting my back, satan causes cancer - wow.

so i asked him if satan can do all that, what has god done for me? apparently, god has given me the strength to get through all the hard times.

riiiight (said in best dr. evil impression). mr 666 himself can affect each and every person in the word, but all god can do is give people strength. exactly, says mr religious.

it was at this point when he noticed my necklace. i've had it for years - jodie got it for me when we first started going out - and it's an oval piece of wood with a rune carved in it, hanging from a black piece of thong (that's thong as it rope, you perverts!). so, he asks what it is for, what it represents. i told him what it means - protection from physical and magical harm.

he actually scowled at me - furrowed his brow and pursed his lips. he tells me "you realise that's an affront to the lord?" to which i sighed - how can it be an affront to something i don't believe in. and he huffed again. he HUFFED at me!

in his closing statement, he told me to repent my ways. open my door to the lord, and he will see that i make it to heaven and paradise. repent my heathen (HEATHEN!) ways, confess my numerous (ok, he got me there!) sins, and all will be right in my life.

he then turned his back on me and left. bye then...

anyway - my house has three outside doors, all of which are open at some point in a day. if the lord can't get through them......

people that know me KNOW i am not religious, and they respect that. they don't tell me to confess my sins (most people KNOW my sins!), they don't try to hand me books about their religion, they don't even tell me i am a heathen. it's not that i've LOST my religion, it's that i never had it. people evolved from monkeys, monekys from fish, good things happen to good and bad people, wars are over religion, power/greed and insanity (let's face it, hitler was 2 tins short of a six-pack), the world goes around the sun - you get the picture. i don't believe that someone got some primodial ooze, created adam and eve, and they made the human race. i DO believe in an after-life, angels, ghosts, magic and ufo's. that doesn't make me a sinner!

religion to me is like the rolex watch i don't have. i haven't lost it, i just don't have it.

/end of rant :)

actually i think that covers it... my posts are getting waaaay too long as it is! i will go finish doing the dishes, hoover through, because i trashed the house moving one armchair out the lounge one computer into the lounge, and one computer into another spot in this room... i think i made more mess than there was!! once the housework is done, i will post for my games, look at some amusing webpages, drink copious amounts of tea and generally do what i like!

have fun ya'll!

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