spring is definitely in the air! in fact, i'd bet all my dollars (ie, zero) that summer is sneaking in. tis a grand day outside today, while i am here indoors. actually, that's not as bad as it sounds, as i LIKE being indoors! i am next to a window, so my mums arguement of "go and get some fresh air" doesn't apply.

had another of "those" weeks... last week, our poor washing machine came down with something. i think it's in her lungs, because she is really rattling! very odd noise. we've only had it a couple of years and i love it. had a NIGHTMARE of epic proportions trying to get someone out to repair it. it's still under warrenty, but do you think i could get someone to help? pah. six days, four different phone numbers, three different companies - all passing the buck, try these people, call that person... i lost my rag and emailed their helpdesk, and they must have flagged my address with "help this guy before he kills someone" as the very next day, i got an appointment booked - so yay me!

actually, i wasn't that nasty - just persistant. i used to work in a call centre, and there is nothing worse than an irate arsehole on the phone.

anyways - the washing machine actually started smoking yesterday which was, er, interesting... something isn't right somewhere, so it's off, disconnected, and the washing is already mounting! odd thing is that the smoke was coming from INSIDE the machine - not the motor or anything at the back, but inside. i think there is probably something caught on the inside of the drum (and a tenner says it's something from one of jodies bras!), but we shall see. i dread to see what is UNDER the machine - it's not been moved since the flood of two years ago!

so - washing machine is dead... three days ago, the tumble dryer started to go bad... however, in my dim and distant past, i dismantled a washing machine. the cats at home had caught a mouse, and the poor little chap escaped and died inside the machine. great fun. so - with half a clue and a screwdriver, in i went. now, i can't say WHAT i did, because i don't know - but it's not smoking any more!! i have a sneaky feeling a clod of dust or something had dropped onto the heating element, but whatever it was, it's fine now!

and more with the repairs - two days ago, i spent most of the day - ie, 9.30am till about 7pm - fixing someones computer. it's been here since xmas, and was being handed down to someone else, but i had no drive to install windows98 waaay too boring, and then there's all the drivers and stuff. awful. anyways - that's done now (after trying three duff hard drives, then having to do the whole partition lark which i hate too... nightmare. on the bright side, ian paid me with a bottle of Absinthe, so i am a happy chappy!

all i need to do now is hope that the engineer for the washing machine doesn't need to order some obscure part - we've had to take a bundle of laundry over to ruth as it is! as much as i am sure she loves my socks, it's not really a job i'd wish on anyone. well, ok, maybe one or two people ;)

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