so i just finished hoovering the garden...........

no, really...

kids are something of an enigma. they do really WEIRD stuff, and you cannot figure WHY they do it.

take the events of half an hour ago. bethy has been at her nans today, while jaysen has been at school. bethany's school was closed for training, and when jo's mum came over to get some of our laundry, she took bethy as well. cool stuff.

jaysen gets in, then a while later, bethy gets in. jaysen has another certificate for being a smart arse, while bethy has been as good as gold for nanny. ten minutes later, jaysen announces "bethy is playing in the garden." out jodie goes to get bethy in (because our jungle needs sorting out).

i then hear jo shouting at the kids to get in, and then calling for my expert assistance. interesting - i figured i would see mud everywhere, or the garden tools strewn around, but i was waaaay off.

we have a bean-bag. rather, we had a bean bag up till last week until it split, spewed some of its guts in the living room which we cleaned up. the bean bag ended up in the garden ready for dustbin day (dustbins are what you americans call trash cans).

anyways - it turns out one of the kids - both are currently blaming the other - saw a bit of the dead bean bag and removed it from the rubbish and completely disembowled it. bethy announced it was snowing.

so, me and jo just spent half an hour clearing up the piles of white polystyryne (or however you spell it!) from the garden. the wind was against us, and the dustpan and brush method just pinged the stuff even further. so, armed with our trusty bagless dyson-clone, i used the wand attachment and cleared up, emptying the "large capacity bin" every ten seconds. there is still some out there, and there is some stuck to the wall, but we can't get ALL of it.

it no longer appears that jack frost has been.

oh, and the "amusing" thing is that the kids, the dog and the wind pushed some into the house - so i had to re-vacuum the hall and stairs.


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