the things women do in the name of beauty... as i write this, the house is filled with a thick pungent smell like gross coffee, burnt henna and something else that is sickly sweet - all for jo's hair. it's a block of stuff that can only be described as compressed poo. she adds boiling water to it so that it's the consistancy of the morning after a bad curry (uncompressed poo) and THEN smears it on her head.

she got it from a (girly) shop called lush. they sell all natural stuff, so it's not too bad, but being colour blind, i can't appreciate the before and after look. everyone says it looks different, but i think they're pulling my leg. they sell all kinds of stuff that looks revolting, but it either smells good, looks good, or generally does what it says - her favorite is a slab of clove-stuff for aches and pains. makes your eyes water something chronic, so you are busy dealing with your streaming eyes to worry about an aching knee!

still, she's having fun putting scalding crap on her head. most amusing thing is that it has to stay on for something like ten hours, so the smell will no doubt linger for a few days!

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