remember the wedding we went to last year? er, no... scratch that - that was before this blog was on...

anyways - we went to a wedding in the summer, my old schoolie chum stuart married a lovely lass called michelle, and they make a cracking couple... anyways - stuart called me today all excited - bless his cottons, he's gonna be a dad!!

go go stuart & michelle! he'll make an excellent dad - bethy and jaysen love him, and he's really good with them, and michelle seems programmed with the "mum v1.5" already, so congrats to them, and roll on january 20th, 2005, which is the "estimated" due date... and about a week from stuarts birthday!

will upload a piccy of them later! got a superb one of the pair of them at their wedding!

once again - lots of congrats to the pair of you... and you KNOW daniel is a really cool, hip and wonderful thing to name a boy don't you... guys? you know that, right?


edit: here's a piccy of the pair of them:

ahhhhhhh :)

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