just got home from taking the boy to school and my goodness, it's such a nice day out there!! i spent most of yesterday in the garden, and would have to say that it is easily as warm out there NOW as it was yesterday afternoon!!

the upside is that the mums at school play "wear as little as we can" and the downside is... er... um... hayfever? only 216 shopping days to xmas? i am sure i will think of something, but i love the summer - love it really hot. i don't like miserable weather, but i DO like summertime storms, big rain falling straight down, crashing thunder, and it's still hot! i also love the other extreme of weather - freezing bitter cold, loads of snow and ice and your facial extremities get frostbite!

suppose it's pretty sucky living over here though - the extremes of weather bring the country to a halt! too hot and the roads melt, the railway line buckle and everyone is too hot to do anything and sit around bitching. too cold, and the roads get frozen in, snow blocks all travelling routes, and everyone is too cold to do anything and sit around bitching.

such is the nature of the English People i suppose.

anyways - jaysen is a happy chappy - when he first started in school, his teacher was a wonderful woman named Mrs Prince. she left just before xmas to have a baby, and her replacement, well... bit of a 'nana. however, standing at the gate this morning was mrs prince! yay! jaysen was sooo happy!

oh, and before i go to do stuff - my cunning plan of sit around and do nothing today has been changed already - seems we're going to put a fence up in the back garden to stop the dog ruining the lawn (if you get my meaning!). so, off out into the wonderland that is my garden, aka frogsville.

(and don't tell the people that live behind us we've been slipping frogs and toads through the fence to their garden - they've got a pond!)

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