we have lawn!

took us the better part of five hours, but we've hacked our way through the deepest darkest garden you can imagine to rediscover the shed as well as a dozen dog toys. for some reason our garden is a frog & toad meeting point, so that's always amusing. 3 frogs and 2 toads later (though one of the three frogs kinda sorta didn't get out of the mowers way in time... messy) and we've got short grass that the kids can now play on without fear of being lost for days!!

the downside to seeing the lawn is that NOW i am paying for it :( i am getting sooo sick of the pain after an hour of doing something. i used to spend most of the summer holidays at my nans house working with her in her garden, but now i want to lay down and pop pills after mowing half a lawn! sucks to be me i suppose!

kids were both ill yesterday so didn't go into school which made gardening a new version of 20 questions and having to stop every fifteen seconds to answer "inane question #315". we can't win with jaysens school at the moment. last term we were told his attendence was not good enough, so this term we decided to send him in unless he had something hanging off. well, tuesday jo gets jaysen from school, and his teacher tells her jaysen should not have been brought into school, he's not well and has been crying on and off all day.

marvellous - so not only has he been sick, not only do they tell us he shouldn't be in, but they never bloody phoned to tell us he was ill... so the headmistress is going to get a letter from me in the next day or two. he's off school, they complain. he's in school, they complain.

so today on my list of "things that need doing" i have one item.

ignore the world, take some pills, watch some movies. probably swat again ;)

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