well then

after relativly little fuss, my new modem was installed yesterday... i say "relativly", because mr tech #1 somehow managed to destroy my outlook. had i not the foresight (and first-hand knowledge) of their level of skill, i wouldn't have backed up my entire outlook folder - and joy - all is restored. mr tech #2 was slightly dimmer than mr tech #1, and it took him ten minutes of clicking on my computer, before he said "Ah, this isn't windows 98, is it?"

er, duh...
Windows XP (on my system anyway!)
Windows 98

still - crusing the internet at 1.5Mbps is pretty cool... considering how many webpages i visit in a day 47 different sites so far, it's only 10am AND i am currently washing up!), not to mention downloads, uploads, blogging, updating webpages, online gaming, streaming media... ooooh it's nice to surf fast, it's better to surf FASTER!

anyways - stuff to do, stuff to do! kids swing-set came this week, now just got to put the bastard up. of course, the day it came (and every day since) it's been pissing down with rain, and while i think it would be amusing to build a swing/slide set in the kitchen, jo won't let me... i still say it'd make washing up more fun! hehehe

everything else is so-so i think... house is chaos as the kids trashed it before bed, and we didn't have the energy to clear up, so house-cleaning is the deal of the day (says he that's been up since 6am, has done half the washing up, is letting jo sleep in and he sits here posting to a blog!)... shouldn't take too long (he says hopefully) so i am going to crack on and finish up...

ooooh internet.... badgers....

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