not sure where i've been, but here i am! the internet problems i was having have come back in other guises, namely server outages, mail servers dead and a wide-area power cut that frazzled a lot of stuff at the ISP end of things, so joy!

added to this, the sickness levels in the house have been up and down of late, with either all sick or none which has been a pain in the arse... ho hum.

washing machine is finally fixed - talk about a mission though, 7 weeks from start to finish, and we're still trying to catch up on laundry. sent lots of shitty mails to LG and received lots of apologies but nothing that made me think they were actually sorry.

monday we were up at dawn to take bethy to an early-morning appointment in london, and we took jaysen along as well as getting him to school was not possible. the appointment couldn't have gone better - no rush for surgery on her at the moment, lots of time to make ready for the operation, no need to go to birmingham - all the news we wanted to hear! afterwards we took the kids to london zoo for the day, and it really could not have been any better, and a great time was had by all. the only dampner to the day was the commute TO london (in rush hour traffic) and the commute home (in rush hour traffic).

are people really THAT ignorant? I consider myself young, I consider myself to be poliet and well mannered, and if i am on a bus or train, and someone else needs a seat, they can have it. i don't care that i didn't get a seat on the train, but jo was struggling to hold herself upright AND carry bethy - and do you think one of those jumped up twats would offer her their seat? did they hell...

let's look at it this way. it's term-time, so kids are in school. we were heading to london. we had a medical folder under one arm. sorry, but that to me says that these people are heading to a medical appointment in london, but they just sit there, ignoring everyone.

i hate london as a place. while where we live is considered rough and nasty, it's paradise compared to the capital. people would rather knock you into the street than pause for two seconds to let you pass. and they are sooo rude - you hold a door open, people that come through say thanks and take it off you, but in london, they stream to the open door without a nod or thanks.

i love coming home!

anyways - on a brighter note, the kids swing set is up, but holy mother of all things buildable, what a mission. six hours it took us to build, with bolts and things of varying length, various tools with various attachments... mission impossible eat your heart out!

other than that, all is well :) I shall leave you with this amusing link :)

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