crazy i tell ya!

the school holidays are - it would seem - a vaccum. they suck every moment, every free minute, every single spare bit of time right out the window. my computer looked at me this morning when i sat down, giving me a "who the hell are you?" look, and the kettle refused to fire up. i think i've had less coffee this week than in my entire life.

hmmm, that explains the grumpiness!

anyways - everyone here is alive, and summer is slowly getting into gear. we have a couple of days of sun, a couple of gloomy days, then some one upstairs says "let's make them think we're having a biiiig arse thunder storm", which sets off with heavy rain, forked lightning, rumbling thunder - and as we're all getting ready for a big storm, it buggers off. bastards.

in other news - yay us... well, yay our local phone shop anyways. me and jo always have mobile phones, and we always go to the same shop in the same place - phone, accessories, insurance, credit - and last week, we were offered a free upgrade of our phones. we ummed and arred about it, and called them and said "what the hell", and now, we each have one of these:

sexy innit... the sony ericsson k700i. and talk about nobs and whistles - blimey... camera (still and video) with 4x digital zoom, floodlight, memory, infra red, bluetooth, 40mb of space, 3d graphics - i've died and gone to geek heaven - it does more, but hey - i'm still learning!

sad when the highlight of your week is a new mobile! hehehe (sorry america, cell phone). of course, it runs windows of some form, and i did manage to crash it yesterday! hehehe

other than that, we're gearing up for the weekend away, minus the kids! they're off to spend the weekend with jo's mum while we go paaaar-tay across the other side of the country. leaving early friday, and apparently the journey will only take 2-3 hours... of course, last year, on the way to the wedding, we left early, and thanks to accidents (not us), roadworks and other fun, the 2-3 hours journey took ELEVEN hours! it was hell - two bored kids in the car, not much in the way of supplies - absolute nightmare - so fingers crossed that doesn't happen again!

so - off to get the house spick and span for the weekend - it's chaos most of the time, but if someone is coming in to look after the animals, we have to make a good impression... that, and i don't want to be doing housework the day we come home! hehehe

have fun ya'll :)

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