here come-eth the summer... eth.

and it's about time too!! the weather over the last couple of days have hit the mid-20's (C, not F!) and is rising. apparently, we're due to start a "heatwave" over the weekend, so yay!

of course, i say yay, but as i pointed out back in the winter at some point - it's all well and good having extremes of weather, but the country grinds to a halt every time. still, me and jo are away this weekend at stuart and michelles 1st anniversary party. here's to nice weather.

of course, nice weather isn't all we want. bethy woke up poorly this morning, so while cleaning the house up, we're having to look after whingy-clingy girl. she's hot, she's coughing and being sick - she either has a bug that has hit her over night, or the sudden rise in temperature is knocking her for six. figures she'd get ill - we're due to go away!

so, depending on the madam, we may end up taking her with us after all, but we shall see.

other than that, all is hunky-dorey... my new mobile is fully active today and it's sooo cool! found a few more special things it can do which are not exactly "useful" but hey - it's a geek thing!

other than that - my computer will be busy over the weekend - i have an ftp set up on it with all my mp3's, so no doubt several of my friends will start a mass download spree! ahhh the joys of technology!

anyways - we've got more housework to do (like the washing up... ugh) so need to get that done now so we don't end up coming back to it on Sunday! i hate washing up.

so - if i don't post again, i will do when we're home. here's to no traffic nightmares en route to the weekend!


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