soooo tired zzzz

and i don't know why! ok, i DO know why - once again, i am not sleeping properly, and it seems that when i DO managed to hit snoozeville, i am either woken up for no reason, or bolted awake by a nightmare.  then there is the "i've-finally-gotten-to-sleep-and-now-the-fricking-alarm-is-going-off".
i wouldn't mind, but i take all my night-time meds in order to knock me out, but i guess my body is used to the now.  i admit i am taking slightly more of each than i should be, but not much more.  so i am debating on whether or not i should stop the pills for a while - which usually knocks me all off-kilter, or if i should tell the doc.  to be honest, neither option is very appealing, and i am considering some "24-48 hour therapy" in which i stay awake for as long as possible, then go to bed at a normal time.  the downside - i get all pissy when i am tired, the upside is that it usually resets my body clock and i start sleeping again.  we shall see.
anyways - got the weekend without jo again.  last weekend she was at Faded Glory, which is a fantasy lrp, and this weekend, she and grant are running their Zombie Blood Fest which should be a laugh for them all - even if their lift to the site did pull out TWO DAYS before the game.  typical.
so - it's me and the kids again - last week i was Flu Boy, and this week i am Sore Throat Boy, and jaysen is my sidekick Headache With Sore Throat Lad.  i swear this house is a breeding pit for germs, and i won't be surprised if i end up with the ebola virus at some point.
hmmm, makes me wanna watch Outbreak again.  and The Andromeda Strain. both excellent movies, but andromeda strain is a michael crichton book which kicks arse!  not sure if outbreak is a book as well, might have to have a lookie-see :)
so, all quiet on the western front - short of jaysen having the "i'm not well so am going to whine" mode on maximum.
oh, and lastly - damn CSI! never seen it on TV, caught one episode once and was hooked, so started getting the box-sets.  series three has just come out over here, and we've watched it all already, and the real kick in the teeth is that series four isn't out till june/july 2005!!  so, in order to quench our thirst, we decided to get CSI: Miami.  at least, that was the plan.  series one due out february/march, 2005.  and now with CSI: New York in the making, i suppose i will have to wait even LONGER for that!

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