well, as you might have probably guessed from the fricking great gap between posts, everything went pearshaped here. everyone bar me is fine, and with me it's just a case of germs (mostly) and being generally fed up for no reason.

first, the germ: started with a cold, that became the flu, that became Man Flu (tm) that then became a chest infection. as that was going, i decided - for sheer comedy value - to come down with a wonderful case of enteritus... so, still with the aches and pains of the flu, i am constantly being sick. that lingered around me for several days, and then as i started to feel better (and was keeping my toast down!) the cold/flu i gave jo came straight back at me, full force Man Flu. so three weeks of germs was not my idea of a nice time.

anyways - during that time i managed to get myself fed up into a deep hole... laying in bed dozing on and off, reading on and off, my brain did it's "wandering around aimlessly" jobs, and for no real reason, i found myself sighing and feeling sorry for myself. mostly i put it down to my back - it just hurts so much of late for no reason, and general stuff - like washing up or hoovering - make me wince with pain. not fun.

on the bright side, we got a job lot of dvds the other day which we are slowly getting through, and feeling better means more computer time! yay! got thief 3 (something shadows or whatever!) which is very fun, even if i am desperatly crap at it. quake, serious sam, unreal tournament - whatever - run around and blow the crap out of people - that's what i am good at. but thief - you play what seems to be the sneakiest yet weakest person in the world - so you can't run around blowing people apart.

sure, played right, you can knock someone out, or shoot them in the head with a broadhead arrow - but toe-to-toe, you don't stand a chance!

and in other news, today is bethy's last day of school for the summer, and tomorrow jaysen breaks up, so the squids will be charging around for the next 6-7 weeks... joy. hehe

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