feels more like it's flipping 1am! my eyes are sore, i look like i've been smacked in the face, and i just ache. physically and mentally knackered.

we've been watching bethany like a hawk all day long, and while she started drowsy, she started getting back to her normal self around lunch time, and come dinner she was fine - just too hot to eat!! the weather is just mad at the moment - 27C (which I think is 80-something F), and while i love it, everyone else has the grumps.

so - time for some pills to stop the pain, though i reckon i will be asleep before they kick in. the bed is a-calling.

and as a last side note - being the tart that i am, my desktop is once again very spanky!

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One Response to “10pm?”

Anonymous said...

really glad your lil darling is alright again :)