the best laid plans...

...usually go to shit. no, really - i'm not kidding.

bethy doing her thing on friday/saturday completely threw us into a loop. body clocks are still stuck at saturday 2am, sleeping schedules are up the swanee, and everything in general is chaos.

so, everything we were supposed to do saturday and sunday we've somehow got to do today. jo's not well, so things have been driven a bit slower, and she couldn't wake up, and once she did clamber from the pit, she's still not well.

and we've done nothing except tidy up!

of course, we're also due to go to my mums, but after calling her to tell her "guess what, we're running late" she is as well, so we've put that off till tomorrow. which now leaves a million things to do, and not a million and one.

and the weather is soooo humid, it's not even funny. weather folk are predicting the end of the heatwave, and now we're due more storms that caused all the havoc a week or two ago. should be amusing (or not!). it poured down last night, but instead of clearing the air, it just upped the humidity, so at 1130 am it's 25C and 78% humidity. marvellous.

i'm dreading going into town as it's still school holidays, so all the parents with the little shits will be fighting to get through, screaming and swearing at one another - add the oldies into it, and it doesn't make for a fun day out.

who would have thought from a weekend of stress and sleeping, that the week would start like this. shows how great lady luck looks after me! hehehe

enough dilly-dallying - into the fray!

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