and back home!

actually, friday, just before we left i typed out a massive post, click publish, and it disappeared into the ether, and i can't remember what i had to say - so it probably wasn't that important.

anyways - doesn't matter what happened over the weekend - friday night, bob the hampster managed to escape his cage, and the house sitter couldn't find him anywhere. when we got home today, we pulled the place apart, and found the poor little fella... he met a sudden and horrible death, so bob is no more :( poor little mite.

the weekend otherwise was very very nice, but i'm not in the frame of mind to write about it. i still feel a bit ill, and it's knocked me off kilter once again. *sigh* i know you're supposed to take the good with the bad, but i'd like a little less bad for once.

will post tomorrow.

[EDIT- the post from friday is now showing up... go figure.]

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Testing new features (while struck with insomnia!)