bags packed... check.
wash kits... check.
clean boxers... er.... check.
list of stuff for house sitter... check.
kids evicted and locked in shed... check.
money... pfft check.
mobile phone... purrrrr my precccciousssss, er... check.

yay - all ready to go! of course, i might need to wait for the sister to come get us - otherwise it's a fricking long walk. we're almost over the other side of the country, which by england standards is a long way. by american standards - ha! i think england is a bit smaller than oregon (or how ever you spell the name of the state!). i think you can drive top to bottom (that is, scotland to lands end) in about 10-12 hours, maybe a bit less.

we drove to italy once, a few hours outside of rome, and while it was a 2 day mission (driving from dawn here in england, onto the euro-tunnel, then through france, stopped for the night in lyon, then on to italy) it was worth it. sounds sad, but i've never seen a mountain, like a PROPER mountain. highest point in the uk - ben nevis, 2000ft and a bit... i was just impressed driving through mountains - doesn't take a lot to impress me, but i'm easily pleased!!

as proof - go see this... quite amusing. like i said, doesn't take a lot to impress me!!

so - we're off soon (ish) and the weather is wonderful - 21C and rising, and it's only 9.30am. of course, on the bad side, this means that every person in the country will decide to go out somewhere, clog the roads, and make us sit sweltering in the car for ten hours! no - think positive!!! POOOSIIITTIIIIIVE! hmmm poo-sitive... don't wanna poo...

did i mention i was bored? ahhh nuts - i dunno what to do. gemma won't be here for a while, so i am killing time with jo and her friend gassing on and on on and on and on and on and on and on........ *yawnies* blah blah blah romance blah blah blah girls blah blah blah jealousy... sod it, i might just drink a bottle of vodka and pass out - wake up in the cotswolds and have missed the entire conversation and journey!! women... can't live with them, can't shoot them.. well, can't shoot them and get away with it. unless you bury the body somewhere... not that there's room in the garden for them... er, i mean... ooooh look at the sun...

arse. have a nice weekend, see ya later, be safe, have fun, erm, other innane small-talk-space-filling words!

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