not much to say really. had a phone call just now from my mum - who was crying - to tell me one of our relatives had died. she was my great-aunt, and we were quite close. 99 years old. two weeks ago, she was taken ill, and the docs advised she should go into a home, but she wouldn't have any of that.

she's what i like to think of old school old-person. prim and proper, well to do, and a truly great person. she lived in an ancient house - so old, the toilet was at the end of the garden - but did she ask for help? did she hell! sun or rain, night or day, hot or cold, she would use that toilet!

the house was oooold. the stairs were so steep, i nearly went down them several times as a kid, and being a three-story house, there were two flights. the kitchen was in the basement, bedrooms top floor, "proper" living room in the middle, normal living room at the bottom. crazy.

i think her passing away was a number of things. for one, it's been hot. two, she was 99 years old. three, she would NOT go to a hospital or a home. i think she knew. she knew she had a good innings - two world wars, 4 kings and a queen, the car, commercial flight, the rise and fall of the iron curtain... she didn't want to be a drag on anyone, and she would not think it right to live the last of days in a hospital with people fussing around her.

anyways - not really in the mood for much, so going to sit and chill for a bit.... here's to my great aunt.

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