forgot to say - sorry i've not been around today. i was up early and had the housework done in record time (because i didn't have my trillian on after my machine crashed yesterday, so a certain arizonian couldn't put me off!), but then i started trying to fix jo's computer, then once that was done it was time for lunch, then once that was done it was time to catch up on a few mails, then jo's computer went bang again, so she was on mine while i tried to figure hers out, then it was dinner time, then the kids had to be bathed and nailed to their beds, then i updated a few pages on lyrass.com and then my mum called.

not really sure where the day has gone. anyways - i am at my mums tomorrow as it's her birthday on sunday, and as jo isn't here sunday we're going tomorrow. no idea what time we're off, nor when we'll be back - but i should be able to get online. i've finally gotten back into the habit of chatting to my friends, and feck the rest of the world, i'm not going to stop.

go team dan, get yer shit together.

night all, have fun.

[Edit: having a mare trying to upload this!!]

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